Attractive Mathraki Properties of Local and USA Residents

Both current and overseas residents of Mathraki Island build and maintain attractive houses to a high standard with gardens and flowers much in evidence and many are visited regularly by owners from New York. Many well kept houses hide behind long driveways and pine woods. American-English voices chime unexpectedly, in a taverna welcome. Transatlantic career tales of the retired merge with current local and world political and economic discussion.

Is Property available on Mathraki ?

Houses which are no longer in use by owners sometimes become available. You will also see picturesque abandoned old properties and plots with dilapidated ruins, for which a Renovation or Re-building Licence may be by obtainable.

There is currently no local agency for property sale or lettings, but where interest to sell, or let, does arise for a property owner, or where a frequent visitor is genuinely determined to become a resident ! (lol)…MathrakiNet will gladly try to assist.


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