tiny, welcoming, simple and beautiful

Seven miles off Corfu and seventy from Italy, it awaits your visit. Mathraki’s harbours, tavernas, beaches, pine woods, stunning views, delightful flowers, fish, pheasants, and discourse are poised to refresh you..

Mathraki Island – Corfu or New York

Mathraki Island’s visible population of 30-40 residents is the portal to a diaspora of perhaps 1,000 further citizens, of several generations, in New York ! In Greece up to five times weekly the clatter of the ferries in the windy waters accompanies goods, residents, materials, vehicles, friendships. Different from its larger, more Corfiot neighbours, Othoni and Erikousa, Mathraki Island emits its own singular message – simplicity, humour, empathy, change.…and a dash of Magus.

What can you do for Mathraki Island?

Accept the invitation of its plain hospitality; walk its 2km sandy beach or the “fiendlie westside rockies blakke” of the Northwest, journey the paths through its pine clad hills; be a friend.

Help Mathraki Island to Prosper

Be surprised if no sudden gale prevents you leaving or makes you miss your flight ! encourage further visitors suited to embrace such hazards and share the island’s simple, refreshing, ambiance; become a distanced member of this special community; join our support group – Mathraki.Net

Travelling, Sleeping and Eating…what you need to know :

Getting there

Fly to Corfu and then take the car ferry from Corfu harbour or the passenger boat from the port of Ag Stephanos to Mathraki

Where to stay

There are a small range of privately owned attractive accommodations on the Island, each with there own charm and appeal.

Eating out

There are four Tavernas on the Island of Mathraki which serve a variety of freshly cooked food and drinks to both locals and visitors.

Find your way around





Beaches to relax on and adventures to have


As well as three main beaches the island is dotted with other little inlets accessible from land which provide pleasant spots to relax.


The entire island is easily accessible by foot and there is plenty of hidden places to explore and wonderful vistas to appreciate.

Flora & Fauna

There is an abundance of wild flowers, especially in the spring. Island residents include Tortoises, Woodcock, Goats and Pheasants.

Mathraki.Net aims to encourage more visitors to experience the simple, refreshing delights that this unspoilt Greek Island has to offer. For more information about Mathraki.Net click on the link below.



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