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Mathraki Island’s Mathraki.Net aims to foster a new energy that is arising in Mathraki Island and contribute to its economy. We hope to encourage more visitors to experience its simple, refreshing, ambience, to provide updated advice on transport, accommodation, leisure and residence. Wireless Broadband now makes longer stays feasible for professional visitors as well as tourists and this makes it feasible for the island to host “away times” for individuals and work-teams which combine accommodation, workspace, business support and leisure.

We seek funding and participation to develop this and to support efforts by the Mathraki Island community leaders to improve travel, domestic supplies, leisure, harbour cleaning and water supply.

Such measures could facilitate initiatives to renew the strength of the Mathraki Island economy and the prosperity of its residents – ones which do not disrupt the island’s identity but foster a positive, happy and natural evolution.

Mathraki.Net is operated by Mageia Ltd a UK company owned by management consultant and part time resident Michael O’Connor in co-operation with Co-Citizens and Corfiot colleagues.

Mathraki.Net is not an Agency.

Please make enquiries about Accommodation direct to the property owners and Shipping operators using the contact information provided.

To request further information on all other matters please email us using the button below.


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